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Remote Blinds – Ideas for your Home

Posted by Aman on

Remote Blinds are popular products for owners of "smart home". The ability to control the curtains with your remote control or open and close them automatically is not only a useful feature for the home, but also an opportunity to save energy, money and time.

Remote Blinds can be part of a complete home automation system, or can be added to one room, depending on your use and needs. Useful feature of Remote blinds in the home automation system is that each room can be able work on its own, depending on the purpose of the room. Here are a few examples of how they can improve the function of the blinds of different rooms in the house.


Many people are faced with how hard to wake up in the morning, especially if the blinds in the bedroom are tightly closed and do not miss the light. Remote Blinds can be useful to open automatically when the alarm is turned off. If you do not have to get up at a certain time, you can close them with the use of your remote and make them open at dawn. If you want blinds to be closed when you are changing, you can close them with a single click or at the moment when you go out of the shower.

The living room

You can use sunlight to heat your living room in the morning, setting the curtains open, so they open at sunrise and close them at sunset. If you want to save the furniture, carpets and objects of art from bright noon’s sunlight, remote blinds can come in handy to close and open them when necessary.

The Dining room

The bright sun can’t be able to annoy you in lunch with your family; you just have to use remote control to operate your remote blinds, so they were closed at lunchtime. Open them when you like and when you wish, for example, an hour after the dinner or let it stay closed all the night

Media room

If you have a special room for a home theater or media room, you do not want the light came into the room and ruin the projection screen or TV. Remote Blinds can be efficient for this to close at the same time as you press the remote, and then watch your favorite movie with ease. If you are not ready for a high level of sunlight in your media room, a simple click on your remote control let you easily create the right atmosphere in your home theater.

Entrance hall, lobby and special windows

Many modern homes have windows placed high or hard to reach areas. Often, such windows can not be chosen to manually open or close the blinds. In such cases, remote blinds can be the only solution for you to control them. You do not need to reach the window blinds to shut them. All you need to do is push a button on remote control.

Remote blinds are perfect for the modern smart home or office and are essential for out of reach windows blinds. They are also useful for increasing child safety by eliminating the risk of wires and chains. You can add this option to any of your remote blinds.