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EZ Wand Makes It Easy

Never before has it been easier to affordably make your office or home window blinds into luxurious remote-controlled motorized blinds.  Opening and closing blinds will never have to be a chore again!

Installation of the EZ Wand does not require any special tools or the need to hire someone to come into your home to install. Everything you need is in the Box!

Using Patent Pending technology and ingenuity, the EZ Wand can conveniently tilt open or close your existing blinds, which use a wand/rod, at the touch of a button. 

If you have ever researched or considered having remote blinds, you know the expense of custom made alternatives and motorized railings. Those pricey alternatives can cost you hundreds and even thousands!

The EZ Wand is the least expensive and fastest way to turn existing blinds into remote control blinds – All you have to do is take your current wand off and replace it with the EZ Wand. No disassembling. No wiring. No need to pay for installers.

Simple. Affordable. Easy.

The EZ Wand – made for your Convenience.