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9 Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Posted by Rene Bayani on

1. Convenience

With the push of remote, you can control up to 8 blinds in a room simultaneously. What a time saver! And those hard to reach windows? Not a problem anymore. You don’t even have to get off that comfy sofa.

2. Increased privacy

With the press of a button on your remote to adjust your blinds you can protect yourself from neighboring eyes.

3. Go green

Blocking the Sun from entering your home or allowing too much sunlight in can literally cost you a lot of money in heating and cooling expenses. 

4. Increase your home’s value

Home features are what attracts potential buyers to view and ultimately purchase a home.  It may be a small feature,  but motorized blinds add that extra bit of luxury that could convince a potential buyer to sign on the line. 

5. Fun and ease

Motorized blinds are so simple to operate and fun too! EZ Wand is perfect for Kids, Adults and Seniors looking to enjoy the sun or achieve some privacy.

6. Forget the alarm clock

Trade in that alarm for a wakeup call from Mother Nature. Easily adjust your motorized blinds from the comfort of your resting place to ease you into a great morning.

7. Protect what’s most precious

motorized blinds means no operational cords for pets or curious children to get tangled in and no unnecessary reaching to adjust blinds in tough spots.  Moreover, you’ll be able to better protect your furniture, upholstery and wall art from fading by remotely closing your blinds during the sunniest part of the day. Few people realize the indoors of a house can sustain sun damage too.

8. Create ambiance

Need some mood lighting? With a press of a button on your EZ Wand Remote, your environment can change to fit your mood. 

9. Turn your living room into a home theater

Activate your EZ Wand blinds, start your entertainment system, turn off the lights and enjoy the movie!