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Over the years, the world has become more and more reliant on new technologies. Most people don't go very long without using a cell phone, digital camera, or flashlight. Many of these gadgets are powered by batteries. The television remote, your child's favorite toy, and MP3 players would be useless without batteries.

Batteries come in several varieties, including the less expensive, but quicker to die alkaline, the longer lasting but harder on the wallet lithium battery, and rechargeable batteries, which are the greenest choice of the three. They also come in many sizes, as indicated by a lettering system including AAA, AA, and D with almost every other letter of the alphabet in there.

There are many brands of batteries and with all the devices they're used in, buying them can get expensive. That's why you want to make sure you get the longest lasting option. We here at Wise Bread have taken the guesswork out of powering your gadgets by finding the best, longest lasting AAA batteries out there today.

What Is a AAA Battery?

A AAA battery is a power source commonly used in small electronic devices such as flashlights, cameras, and toys. It is smaller than a AA battery and larger than a AAAA battery. It has a positive terminal button on one end and a negative terminal button on the other, usually indicated with a + and - sign to let the user know which way the battery fits in the electronic device. AAA batteries have limited amounts of power and will die out after a certain period of use, requiring them to be replaced.


EzWand and Batteries;

For EzWand best performance and longer lasting we suggest using using Mid to High current drain Alkaline Batteries (Example is the batteries which will work with cameras) since low drain batteries are not design to be used in many devices with motors and light flashes in them including EzWand. Performance will be poor with these low drain Alkaline Batteries also they will not last for long period either, meaning you will end-up changing the batteries more frequently.

There are many Mid to High drain current drain Alkaline batteries and below are just a few of these Alkaline Batteries as an example that you can buy….

WARRNING: NO LITHIUM BATTERY, Do NOT use Lithium batteries, using Lithium will damage the unit and will not be cover by warranty (6 Battery Version of EzWand Only).


ALKALINE - Mid to High Drain CURRENT;

Fusion AAA (by Rayovac) (

Everready Gold AAA Batteries (

Varta Max Tech AAA Alkaline (

Varta High Energy AAA 1.5V Alkaline (


NIMH Rechargeable batteries can be use in 6 battery version2 of the EzWand (rechargeable batteries will not work in 4 battery version1 of EzWand) other rechargeable batteries may result in damaging the EzWand also results in poor performance and shorter life.