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How to buy right Automated Blinds for your Home

Posted by Aman on

As home automation has become more popular and more affordable in recent years, the automated blinds options have expanded. While it is always good to have more options and this gives a wide range to select. In order to help you in on the solution that will work best for you, here are the top questions you should ask of your automated blinds dealer before you buy them.

1. How durable is your Automated Blinds?

When you are trying to decide which solution will work best for you, find a product that comes with a complete warranty. Some brands will provide a limited warranty that does not cover all of the parts, while some provide a complete warranty, but for a more limited time period. When it comes to your home you will want to select a brand that complete warranty.

2. What kind of customer support I expect if I am having trouble?

While normally, you will rarely have to interact with customer service regarding your automated blinds, you will want to ensure that the proper support is in place to meet your needs. Often, if other consumers have negative customer service experiences to report, they will report them loudly online. A quick web search should reveal patterns of poor customer service that might send you looking for another brand.

3. Which window treatments is your automated blinds compatible with?

Before you get too excited about particular automated blinds, you need to know what type of shades or blinds it's compatible with. Most window treatment options can be automated, but not all blinds work with all solutions. You need to check early on that your window treatments are compatible; otherwise you will be having troubles in the future.

4. What remote options you can use with your blinds?

The decision to install automated blinds in your home is a way to a wide variety of other remote options. In order to get the most out of your blinds and to control them remotely, you will want to make sure that your blinds will play nicely with your remote control. Before purchasing your automated blinds, make sure that your remote control associated with your chosen product.

All automated blind solutions can be controlled by a remote. Before you make your final decision, spend some time exploring the different remote options that can work with your product. Some remotes serve as a central hub for a variety of different automated home features, while others only control one set of blinds. Just as you researched the warranty and durability of your blinds, you will also want to make sure that the remote you choose for control your blinds is covered by a warranty.

5. How is your automated blinds powered?

Typically, all most of them are battery powered. Some are also featuring like solar powered, and others are plug-in or wired. All of these options have their benefits, and preference and the size of the window coverings are the primary factors that decide choosing one over the other.

Battery powered motors will generally be the least expensive of the three automated options, because you don’t have to worry about wiring and electrical costs. A good battery should last you several years before you need to replace it, depending on how often you use it. If green technology appeals to you, look no further. Automated blinds that help you manage your home energy use and are powered by the sun is about as green as it gets.

Plug and Play options provide maintenance-free operation and simply plug directly into standard household wall outlets. The thin power cord may be hidden behind draperies, side panels, top treatments, furniture or along window frame of the room.

Congratulations on your decision to install automated blinds in your home. Your home will soon be at the next level of smart home. However, before making a final purchase, it is important that you spend time thinking about the functions and capabilities that you need and want to make sure you buy the right product.