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Automatic blinds

EZ Wand Makes it Easy

EZ Wand how it works

Never before has it been easier to affordably make your office or home window blinds into luxurious remote- controlled blinds.

Installation of the EZ Wand Remote controlled blinds( Easy Wand ) does not require any special tools or the need to hire someone to come into your home to install. Everything you need is in the Box!

Using Patent Pending technology and ingenuity, the EZ Wand Automatic blinds( Easy Wand ) can conveniently tilt open or close your existing blinds. (read more)

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EZ Wand | Features

Benefits of EZ Wand Motorized Blinds

Whether you're planning on making improvements to your home or office space, you might want to know the benefits of having motorized blinds.

EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ) Remote controlled blinds is an affordable and cost effective luxury that provides you with added convenience. At the push of a button on the EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ) remote, adjusting your blinds open or closed is a snap. You don't have to move away from where you are seated or comfortably laying down to close the blinds if the sun gets too bright. You save yourself time and effort when you have EZ Wand ( Easy Want ) automatic blinds.

EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ) can also provide you with the benefit of security. If you want to keep your home or office hidden from view in a particular time of the day, you can easily close the blinds with EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ). Or if you want to let the sun shine in and show that your home or office is not vacant, EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ) allows up to 8 blinds to be adjusted at one time.

Simple. Affordable. Convenient. EZ Wand ( Easy Wand ).

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